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How to Export Approved and Approve in another WSUS ?

Aug 12, 2013 at 12:27 AM
how can I export approved list of patches from one domain
and approve them in another?

I have exported the list using Export-CliXML which I then copy to another domain WSUS box.

now im just trying to test this and see if I can approve the same patches. I have already done a full sync.

here is what I get when I just try approving 1 group.

-->$74 = $approved|?{$_.SecurityBulletins -match 'ms12-074'}
PS C:\Users\v-igoza\Desktop\PoshWSUS>
-->$74| Approve-PoshWSUSUpdate -Action install -Group 'All Computers'
Approve-PoshWSUSUpdate : The input object cannot be bound to any parameters for the command either because the command does not take pipeline input
or the input and its properties do not match any of the parameters that take pipeline input.
At line:1 char:6
  • $74| Approve-PoshWSUSUpdate -Action install -Group 'All Computers'
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    • CategoryInfo : InvalidArgument: (Microsoft.Updat....BaseApi.Update:PSObject) [Approve-PoshWSUSUpdate], ParameterBindingException
    • FullyQualifiedErrorId : InputObjectNotBound,Approve-PoshWSUSUpdate