Connect-poshwsusserver in a different forest does not work

I am currently unable to establish connection to a wsus server in another forest. Suggestions? Any chance of introducting a credential prompt?

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Get-PoshWSUSClientGroupMembership -computer server1 - it wildcards value - returns more than 1 item!!

When I run the query get-poshwsusclientgroupmembership -computer ExchSvr1 I get back two servers: ExchSvr1 ExchSvr12 It appears that the command somehow "wildcards" the input value. How...

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setting deadlines automatically?

My first post to your project - thanks for all your hard work! I may be blind, but i have been searching endlessly for the ability to set deadlines automatically using either basic WSUS commandle...

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PoshWSUS.psm1 signing problem.

I have been working on a PowerShell Project where I needed to sign the scripts with the code signing certificates (the ExecutionPolicy was set to "AllSigned"). I tried to sign the scripts with the...

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PoshWSUS only running in elevated Console?

Do I have to run PoshWSUS in an elevated Powershell Console? I got an error message everytrime I try to run it in a normal powershell console, saying I should be administrator. The issue is, tha...

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Please add -NOT in wsus variable checking. if ($wsus) { Write-Warning "Use Connect-PoshWSUSServer for establish connection with your Windows Update Server" Break }

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Config function problem. :)

Hi, Boe. When you replaced this code if($wsus) { $config = $wsus.GetConfiguration() $config.ServerId = [System.Guid]::NewGuid() $config.Save() }#endif else { Write-Warni...

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2.2.1 - Command only works after manual load of Microsoft.UpdateServices.Administration

Hi, I downloaded 2.2.1 to my Windows Server 2008 R2 with installed WSUS. I've imported the module import-module .\PoshWSUS.psm1 but Connect-PoshWSUSServer . didn't work. After some debug...

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SQL timeout on getting list of all patches

Each morning, when I run this line, it times out: $PatchesList=Get-PoshWSUSUpdate If I run it again, it completes sucessfully for the remainder of the day, due to having most of the data alread...

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Get-PoshWSUSUpdateSummaryPerClient empty columns UpdateTitle, ComputerGroup

Hi. Try to get report Get-PoshWSUSUpdateSummaryPerClient -UpdateScope (New-PoshWSUSUpdateScope) and get ouput like this How i can fix this?

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