Unable to connect to WSUS server

Hello, I am running the Powershell on my WSUS server and have imported the PoshWSUS to my Powershell session. But when I try the Connect-poshwsusserver command it fails, are there any other pre-r...

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Approve-PoshWSUSUpdate with AdministratorName

I have used Boe's scripts to automate approvals to our production workspace. Originally updates are pushed to the test groups, and then automated to push to production. It would be nice to inclu...

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Connect-poshwsusserver in a different forest does not work

I am currently unable to establish connection to a wsus server in another forest. Suggestions? Any chance of introducting a credential prompt?

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Get-PoshWSUSClientGroupMembership -computer server1 - it wildcards value - returns more than 1 item!!

When I run the query get-poshwsusclientgroupmembership -computer ExchSvr1 I get back two servers: ExchSvr1 ExchSvr12 It appears that the command somehow "wildcards" the input value. How...

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setting deadlines automatically?

My first post to your project - thanks for all your hard work! I may be blind, but i have been searching endlessly for the ability to set deadlines automatically using either basic WSUS commandle...

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PoshWSUS.psm1 signing problem.

I have been working on a PowerShell Project where I needed to sign the scripts with the code signing certificates (the ExecutionPolicy was set to "AllSigned"). I tried to sign the scripts with the...

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PoshWSUS only running in elevated Console?

Do I have to run PoshWSUS in an elevated Powershell Console? I got an error message everytrime I try to run it in a normal powershell console, saying I should be administrator. The issue is, tha...

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Please add -NOT in wsus variable checking. if ($wsus) { Write-Warning "Use Connect-PoshWSUSServer for establish connection with your Windows Update Server" Break }

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Config function problem. :)

Hi, Boe. When you replaced this code if($wsus) { $config = $wsus.GetConfiguration() $config.ServerId = [System.Guid]::NewGuid() $config.Save() }#endif else { Write-Warni...

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SQL timeout on getting list of all patches

Each morning, when I run this line, it times out: $PatchesList=Get-PoshWSUSUpdate If I run it again, it completes sucessfully for the remainder of the day, due to having most of the data alread...

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